Watch your movie, experience the unexpected

Lose yourself in the very emotion of the movie and play the lead role with exclusive movie theme-based trips by Premier Film.

Private Movie theme-based trips

An exclusive movie theme-based trip.

Want to bring a movie scene to life, meet an actor or actress, take part in a shooting, visit a movie studios or anything else unusual? Premier Film helps you live the movie dream.

Go on a unique journey ever magnified by an unexpected twist.

Make a unique choice with no boundaries: meet your favorite actor on-to-one, visit the most extraordinary places, choose an amazing venue for private hire, find an unusual place to stay overnight… All these possibilities and more will each take you on a stroll through the movie world you love.

"Our Mission: Make your movie dream come true."


Meet the Premier Film team, a mixture of creative spirits for premium travelling experiences, movie-lovers, and emotion generators.

Ever seeking perfection, Premier Film works with a team of specialists with all the necessary skills to perfectly carry out a project of your trip.

Transfering your
favorite movie from screen to real life

Play the lead role all the way.

Want to discover Paris you know so well from the movies?

It’s 9 a.m. and your Premier Film private chauffeur drops you off at the airport where your private jet is waiting to take you to Paris. The next moments belong to you only…

Project realization

Live your dream and leave the rest to Premier Film.