My Exclusive Emotion

Darkness, the first sounds, growing light, the first scenes.
As all your senses come to life, your mind starts wandering and the marvel begins.

Premier film shares with you this contagious passion by creating an exceptional setting

to bring you the best of the movie-world with all the exclusivity you deserve.

Premier Film was born in the city of Lyon in France, a city that also gave life to cinematography,
a city we find inspiration in and love, a city that truly takes us on an emotional into the movie-world.

Our mission: Understanding your desires, designing your theatre in your own home
or elaborating your personal movie trip, and sharing our passion.

From screening...

Turning a room in your home into a new space exclusively dedicated to your passion to actually live your movie,
bring memories back to life with photos, dive into a virtual game, or share good times.

New generation theaters in your own home, made by Premier Film: Open the door, start the movie and watch it until the end
– enjoy cutting – edge technologies, high sound and vision quality, exceptional settings,
and a generally breath-taking experience all the way.

... To Trips

Ever dreamed of bringing a movie scene to life, going behind the scenes at a studio, meeting an actor or an actress,
staying in an iconic hotel suite, or visiting the most renowned movie studios all around the world?

Premier Film elaborates exclusive and unique theme-based trips. It is more than a tailor-made travelling agency,
ask for it and you will get private agents creating and adapting an exclusive trips on your demand, which revolve around a movie,
an actor, a movie universe of your choice, all taking place in a magnificent setting.