Watch your movie,
experience the exceptional

Enjoy a powerful movie experience in the comfort of your home with theatres by designed Premier Film.

Your personal theatre in your own home

A personal theatre in the comfort of your home:

A space exclusively dedicated to your love for movies in your own home, designed to make you feel the intensity of your favorite movies and created to have a good time.

The best of the movie world:

Each one of your viewings is enhanced by state-of-the-art technologies in vision and sound, an exceptional layout, and a customized design.

"Our motto: A movie theater to magnify the art rather than the technique."


Meet the Premier Film team, a mixture of creative spirits, movie-lovers, and emotional triggers.

Premier Film consists of a team with a wide spectrum of professions and necessary skills to carry out your personal movie theatre project, including architects, interior designers, cabinetmakers, installers.

Our Showroom:
Tried and Tested

As soon as you open the door, your Premier Film theatre reveals itself and unveils all its secrets.

Enjoy a unique movie experience in the comfort of our showroom.

Realizing a project

We conceive, carry out, set up, and offer a maintenance service
for all our custom installations.

The leading brands we trust

In order to offer you the best possible services, Premier Film first selects, tests, and approves the latest innovations before offering you a cutting-edge technology installation that not only has a 5-year warranty but can also be upgraded over time.